15 October, 2017


You need to prepare the materials as bellows: 

Square cotton towel

Ribbon, elastic

2 eyes to decorate

Cotton roll: 1 white (big), 1 Pink (small)

Silicone adhesive


Step 1: 

Firstly, you have to spread on the plane, fold a towel in half to diagonally so you make a triangle. Slightly offset the top points then curled towel starting from the fold to the corner towel

Step 2:

Fold the towel that you have just curled in two, using elastic tie 2 hem towel together with the fold hem towel in two on. Tie elastic to make 2 ears and rabbit face

Step 3: 

Using candle floss past cotton roll (small) to make the nose, using 2 eyes and cotton roll (big) to make the tail. Finally, tie the bow. You finished lovely rabbit!

By the simple way, the mother can make and instruct babies how to make the lovely rabbit

So why not give it a try at home. You will have a cute rabbit!