15 October, 2017


The towel ever becomes the important item that is indispensable in our life. Daily, we use it for taking a bath, hygiene, cleaning the table, car, glass window,…with the continuous development of enterprises that are specialized in producing the types of towel for domestic and export foreign markets, the towel is becoming more and more diversified, abundant to suitable for high demand of consumer. However, In recent years,  because of increasing inflation with running the profit, many enterprises don’t interested in the quality towel. Many enteprises and agents imported many types of the towel with various designs, colourful, cheap price than Vietnam that is origin unknown. Although the quality is not good, they import it to attract consumer psychology so Vietnam’s towel is  very difficult to sell in spite of the high quality

At the present, Vietnam’s towel is usually distributed in almost supermarkets.However, most consumer usually buy the towels at market, groceries. At market, you can be easy to find and choose any towel with various colours, patterns, sizes,……origin unknown, the price will be also cheaper than supermarkets


The towel that is origin unknown with colourful, various design, cheap price is overwhelming Vietnam’s towel

Most of the towels that are not known origin have the common characteristics as follows:

+ soft cotton fibre

+ various  design, cheap price, colourful

But there are disadvantages such as waterproof yarns, lots of cotton dust, using dye products of unknown origin, which cause bad effects on the housewife 

So how to choose high quality towels at a reasonable price?

The next section, we will help you learn how to recognize quality towels for you and your family.

According to some experts, the criteria for evaluating a good towel have to base on the following factors:

+ Good absorbability: normally, cotton yarn can absorb up 65% weight yarn

+ Softness:  most consumer based on softness to choose the towel but they dont know that the skin is very difficult to feel this difference

+ Airy: high-quality towel will make you feel comfortable

+ Thickness: the weight, thickness have to make sure relatively because the synthetic fibres

will be lightter than cotton fibres

+ Rare to fade colour after washing, rarely hairy: cotton yarn will be easy get out of shape. This cause it  becomes dry, reek because of non-originating chemical dyes, after washing many time will cause uncomfortable feeling when using

+ Brand name: on the towel usually attach label, trademark, user’s manual. However, this can be easy to fake so the consumer should pay attention to it and buy from trustworthy suppliers

+ Price: if the towel is made of good materials, the price will be high. Most of towel that are unknown origin, the price will be cheaper Vietnam’s towel

* In current economics, the price of product increases highly but the salary increases slowly so earning money is become more and more difficult. Consumer should have a the suitable spending. Consumer should choose the towels with high quality to protect skin, heath and avoid wasting