Introducing brand

Brand Name “ BELLETO Like right you” :

An achievement to be proud of all employees of the Quang Phu Company is the coming out of brand names" BELLETO Like right You" “Vergine” and “Qstyle” bringing to consumers a perfect choice, a high palate, a line of super high quality towel products for the daily life.

With its rank and outstanding, Belleto is the luxury brand for product lines such as sport towels, products for household, hotel & Resort, health & Spa, and other household textile products. Produced by modern technology line of Europe combining with using of natural materials, Belleto products always meet strict requirements of consumers. Belleto creates essential products for family life with small sizes but lofty goal from a thread to beautiful towels and soft beds ... to help your home more full of personality and aesthetic.

      "Belleto right like you" - is truly a companion mentally and physically for our family.